Technology has advanced so far that there is no need to visit a private practice, outpatient clinic, hospital or military treatment facility in person for mental health appointments. Many can now benefit from private therapy sessions from the privacy and comfort of the location of their choosing. Thirty-two states have legislated that private insurance must cover telemedicine. Mental health care can be provided through a variety of video conferencing software. At Mental Health Partners, we have done our research well and have carefully chosen a secure platform HIPPA compliant which enables a successful virtual communication. As a subset of telemedicine, telepsychiatry provides evaluation, therapy sessions, education, and medication management to patients all over the world. Images and videos can also be sent for a comprehensive evaluation.

Remote Treatment

Telepsychiatry makes mental health services accessible to all. Americans in rural areas who have to travel for hours to the nearest town will be able to harness the power of technology to have their concerns addressed with privacy top of mind. Those who may not want others to know they are receiving mental health care can preserve their privacy with telepsychiatry. Care can be given right away or scheduled appropriately without the need for transportation. Continuity can be assured.

While talking to a screen may not be ideal for some, others find the experience pleasant, especially if sessions take place within the comfort of their own home. If a trip is scheduled, patients will not have to miss a session. Those that participate in telepsychiatry are satisfied with their experiences. Confidentiality is the same as for an in-person visit.